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Endpoint joins R6 Woman’s League

After success in Counter-Strike, Battalion 1944, Ring of Elysium and Quake, we are looking to broaden our horizon and welcome our new Rainbow Six Siege team. The all female lineup, previously ‘T3H Esports’, has joined Team Endpoint to build upon their potential and continue getting the amazing results they’re working hard for. This team marks the first all female team to represent Endpoint and we are proud to be part of the growing world of female esports, providing them with support, help and guidance within our all inclusive environment.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting hero based, fast paced five vs five player shooter. With incredible versatility with team tactics, including unique operators with their own slew of gadgets and abilities, such as controlling an electric drone or activating a flash bang riot shield. Those familiar with the franchise will love following the quick take downs and sneaky starts, whilst new comers are sure to be in awe at the amazingly succinct game-play and astounding reflexes needed to cinch wins.

The lineup consists of:
Eveliina ‘Panda’ Liljasto
Mira ‘Midnight’ Höck
Iza ‘Izzie‘ Gaber
Lauana ”Lua‘ Margreiter
Danielle ‘Aztec‘ Taylor

Gracie ‘Garce‘ Vee

Jennifer ‘Ghostii‘ Stanford (Coach)
Micheal ‘Shevla‘ Wilson (Head Analyst)
Harry ‘Krux‘ Poyzer (Analyst)
Declan ‘Deckerz‘ McCaffrey (Manager)

Statement from Mira ‘Midnight’ Höck

We are very exited about having an experienced organisation such as Endpoint as our new home. That will give us the opportunity and support to focus even more on improving ourselves and our team play in Rainbow Six Siege for upcoming leagues and tournaments. Looking forward to a bright future in working together on our common way to success – let’s go!

Statement from Jennifer ‘Ghostii’ Stanford

I’ve been a coach/analyst in Rainbow Six: Siege for a few years now, and when I found out CCS was starting an all Women’s league to help get female gamers more comfortable, and out there competing, I knew I had to get in on it somehow. I decided to continue as a coach, and was picked up by T3H roster. This team is incredibly talented, and some of the most hard working players I’ve had the privilege of working alongside. We are excited to be playing under the Endpoint colours, and look forward to future competitions in Siege with this great organisation.