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Ring of Elysium – Getting ready for Season Two

With the end of the first season of the Ring of Elysium Competitive League, Endpoint finish in fifth with a third place medal for the EU/NA Spring invite. Between the seasons, they’ve been competing in the OSERV league, currently at first place, proving to the scene how much they’ve learnt from the the first ROECL season; they have also managed to grab first place in the OSERV Showmatch EU Invitationals and the Qualifiers. With an updated roster and a success driven mindset, they’re determined to give the crowd an exciting second season of ROECL.

Statement from Jim Montgomery (Respawn) CEO Of ROECL (Ring Of Elysium Competitive League)

When Team Endpoint broke into the ROECL scene back in Season 1 of our squad league, it had a roster of players I had little knowledge of. Having said that, the competitive ROE scene was literally being built from the ground up at that time and player knowledge from other regions was very scarce unless they played cross region regularly. I remember EndPoint always being within the top 15 teams in my league. After S1’s conclusion with EndPoint placing 5th overall, I believe they knew they needed to make changes to the roster. The teams Captain, ReleNtless1g has been nothing but professional outside of game. As the owner of the ROECL I come in contact with players of all different walks of life. Professionalism in esports is something I try to encourage in my league and ReleNtless1g has always shown professional courtesy. In my position it’s important to follow teams actions even when my league isn’t in session. From what I’ve seen of EndPoints performance in events outside of the ROECL, I believe they will be true contenders coming into Season 2 qualifiers!

The ROECL has been given extra funding, meaning the future seasons will have more room for expansion leading to more exposure, meaning that the teams will be under more pressure to perform. With the second season set to start on the 18th of May, the teams are already training with Endpoint scrimming daily with a current 75% top three win rate overall.

The lineup consists of:
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Dan “ReleNtless1g” Harll
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland David “horseyy” Warhurst 
Netherlands Tim Van “Timoti” Eeten
Finland Johnny “Stormiin” Berglund
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Toby “Organised” Shephard


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Callum “Vein” Leach

Statement from Alexis “CakeKkong” Picoche CEO OSERV League

“I met ENDPOINT when I began to make European scrims. When I first saw them playing, I immediately that they were already incredibly professional, unlike some players that come and try to get into the comp scene. After a few competitions, we created such good links between them and myself, and… What really nice guys there are!! I mean, they respect and appreciate the way I could run a healthy comp environment and they give me support in return, message and also a piece of mind. When I see them, I fell I grow up with them, myself as an organiser and them as a team and competitive players. For a tournament manager like me, it important to get a good environment and try to provide as well. They have the same values that I try to get for the esport scene: Quality , Conviviality, Respect, Ferocity and of course the mind to get better. We could compare them like honourable Spartans in battle.”

With Horseyy‘s experience as an IGL, the other players look forward to playing along side him – especially with Timoti‘s strategic mind. Paired with the mechanical understanding of Stormiin and the raw power from ReleNtless1g and Organised, the team have taken time to prefect their in game ability. Vein spends more than two hours analysing the VODs of the team, allowing him to more accurately coach the players into learning how to play with each other more effectively.

Statement from Tim Van “Timoti” Eeten, Endpoint:

I’m really thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing team. The past couple of weeks have been amazing, We’ve been winning and winning over and over, We’re by far one of the best if not the best team out there at the moment. We’ve got a bright future ahead of us.

Statement from Johnny “Stormiin” Berglund, Endpoint:

Glad to announce that I have officially joined Team Endpoint. I’m confident that I can help lead this team to something big. The first weeks with these guys have been awesome, I hope that it will show in the coming months how we improve as a team.