We are the Elite Series Season 1 Rocket League Champions!


After 9 gruelling weeks of competition, our Rocket League team have taken home the Gfinity Elite Series Season 1 Championship title!

Spending the past 2 months living together, Tinny Cheerio and Shakahron have spent the time well, training and improving their game play over the course of the season. Our road to the final was a tough one, beating rivals Infused 4-1 in the Semi-Final (highlights: https://www.gfinityesports.com/uk/elite-series-matches/details/94/infused-vs-endpoint/uk ), which set us up for a grand final against another rapidly improving team, Epsilon. The series was a closely fought contest, but the team were able to bring home the championship and the £20,000 prize with a 4-2 series scoreline.

During the course of the final, our Swedish goalscorer Cheerio added a few goals to his tally, claiming the title of the Top Goalscorer through out the first season of the Elite Series.

Elsewhere we place 5th in Street Fighter 5 and 6th in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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