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Endpoint sign Shabby for Halo

We are happy to announce the signing of Shabby to our Halo roster. Unfortunately due to visa issues in the US we have had to say goodbye for now to Rob “SeptiQ” Singleton.


Some of Shabby’s achievements consist of:

  1. 5 – 6th at Gfinity London 2017
  2. 9 – 12th Gfinity Wembley 2017
  3. Top 12 FFA Dreamhack Atlanta


Shabby had this to say about joining Endpoint:

Hey guys, I’m Shabby and I recently got picked up by Team Endpoint. In the past on previous rosters, I never really felt like I fit on the team because of play-style, attitude, and motivation but that’s completely different on Endpoint. We’re all motivated, have good communication, teamwork, and the desire to get to that next level is what drives us I’d say.

Coming up, we have Orlando and London. In Orlando, we want to do the very best we can and show that Europe can do it just as well as the Americans, as for London our goal is to win the event and qualify for worlds!


  • Farooq ‘Shabby‘ Siddique
  • Alex ‘BUK20‘ Buck
  • Peter ‘Morguhhh‘ Brussee
  • Morgan ‘Zhuh‘ Bower
  • Jeroen ‘Morguhh12‘ Brussee

The team will be competing at a number of events in the coming month starting with the 2K this Saturday online and then will be flying out to America on the 15th-19th February to compete in the Halo WC Orlando event. From there they will try secure a top4 spot in London for the World Championships in Seattle.