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Endpoint signs new CSGO roster

Endpoint’s CSGO roster takes a new direction as they inject some young blood into the team in the form of Russ and Kryptix and Jenko. Playing along side Endpoint veteran Puls3 and experienced in game leader robiin, the team are looking incredibly competitive. Their coach, Immi, has been training the team at the gaming house over the last week as the team starts to mold together.

For a first LAN the team have set their sights on i65, the gaming festival that takes place in Birmingham on the 23rd – 26th of August. While already competing in online qualifiers with great results, the team stands as one of the best lineups in Endpoint history with disciplined aggression and raw skill.

The lineup now consists of:
Reece ‘Puls3‘ Marrs
Russel ‘Russ’ Mendes
James ‘Kryptix‘ Afflek
Robin ‘robiin‘ Sjögren
Tom ‘jenko‘ Jenkinson

Ian ‘Immi‘ Harding