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MiGHTYMAX reviews the new Zowie EC2-B!

After our players got sent the new Zowie EC2 mice we manage to get an unbiased review from our CS:GO pro Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath.

Stats about the EC2-B:

Sensor: 3360 Optical

Weight: 90g

Size: Medium

DPI Levels: 400 800 1600 3200

Cable: Wired (2m length)

Polling Rates: 125 500 1000

Software required: None


General thoughts:

Out of the box I was very impressed that the shape of the mouse remained identical to the older “EC” editions of the mouse. The only change I could notice straight away was that they moved away from the scroll wheel being translucent white and  illuminated with an LED, instead now they added the matte black colour over it so it fits in more with the rest of the mouse. Having played with the mouse, I haven’t had any issues with random scroll wheel activation, so ZOWIE have listened to feedback and implemented something here to fix that.

The side buttons have a great feel to them and have a satisfying clicking noise when pressed. I’m unsure if they have been made slightly shorter in comparison to the older models, but none the less they feel good. There are no rubber grips on this mouse, but the matte black material that covers the mouse is either something new that they have experimented with, or I think is different but not (in a good way!). My hand never slips off the mouse and it’s incredibly comfortable to hold in a palm grip and even a claw.

The bottom of the mouse features 2 mouse feet at the top corners and 2 at the bottom corners. The bottom of the mouse also houses the polling rate switching button, which is located on the left hand side, whereas the DPI switching button is located on the right. With that being said, now that the scroll wheel is not translucent, the LED to indicate what DPI you are on is located on the underside of the mouse, above the DPI button. I think this change is nice. It makes the mouse look a lot more appealing, the matte black finish for me is superb.


Closing thoughts:

Having used ZOWIE’s products for over a year, ranging from the large EC1-A to the EC1-B in both black and white, I believe that the new EC-2 range is perfect for anyone looking for a top of the range gaming mouse. I find it incredibly comfortable to hold and there are never any issues with tracking or my hand slipping off the mouse. Having had almost 2 months to play around with it, I can say it’s by far the best mouse I’ve used to date. If you are unsure still, take a look at the official website