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Endpoint merge with VATIC and launch new site

At Endpoint, we are constantly working on evolving our brand and presence into becoming that leading UK esports organisation. We have been working hard to make sure that we have a strong team of individuals behind us, that all share a common vision and can bring something to the table. We are therefore happy to announce that we have merged with the oragnisation, VATIC. We have acquired the infrastructure and the people behind the brand, who will be joining us at Endpoint, as we embark on the next chapter of our journey.

Matt Litherland will be joining the board of Endpoint as Chief Commercial Officer, bringing with him his wealth of experience and expertise in branding and marketing. Matt will be responsible for growing our commercial offerings, and improving our brand integrity across all the various platforms that we operate on. Matt has experience in working with brands such as Spotify, Red Bull, Nike and leading esports brand, Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Mark Cross has an esports career spanning several years. During this time he has frequently worked within the esports media as a shoutcaster for clients such as Multiplay, Faceit and ESEA. Mark will be looking to improve our media offering and strengthen our streaming focus, helping to push our brand across a number of media platforms.

This merger will see the brands DRKN and Xtrfy continue to support the UK scene, as they will also transition to become partners of Endpoint. We are extremely pleased to be working with such reputable and high quality brands within the esports market. DRKN, are a streetwear brand inspired by the gaming community and the digital culture. DRKN have worked with professional gamers and teams such as Olofmeister, Ninjas in Pyjamas, GODSENT and now Endpoint. Xtrfy is a professional gaming brand specialising in peripherals. All of the Xtrfy products are built from the experience and feedback of professional players, competing at the top of the scene. We are proud to be working closely with both brands and representing them, as we endeavour to strengthen their position within the UK esports market.

Finally, we will also inherit the Overwatch lineup that were previously representing VATIC, and would like to welcome them to the Endpoint organisation. The team have shown an exemplary attitude in their approach and dedication to the game. We will be working closely with the team to help them fulfil the clear potential that they have demonstrated.

The Overwatch lineup consists of:

  • Alex ‘Gito’ Gittins
  • Jaimie ‘Underscore’ Lewis
  • Jamie ‘Wing’ Duell
  • Thomas ‘Space’ Mayer
  • Kieran ‘Keys’ John
  • Ziggy ‘nVc’ Orzeszek

Statement from Adam ‘Adz’ Jessop, Endpoint CEO

Running an esports organisation involves a lot more than simply picking up teams and aiming to achieve podium finishes at UK events. As a British gaming organisation, we have been working hard to buckle the status quo, and strengthen our brand in a number of areas. Because of this, it’s become extremely important that we continue to bring in the right people with certain skills and experience, and utilise them in the right areas to help us achieve our high ambitions. The UK gaming market is going through a period of huge exponential growth, and as a leading brand, we need to keep evolving in order to capitalise on that. We believe that bringing the VATIC guys on board is a massive step forward for Endpoint, as it will help us grow in key areas whilst strengthening our core offering.

Statement from Matt ‘Mat’ Litherland, Endpoint CCO

Pooling resources, knowledge and experience is something im incredibly excited about. I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity of working together for quite some time and feel that the merger allows all people involved to focus on their strengths, in order to build a better future for grassroots esports in the UK.